Making a Record High in Its History


12,000 Runners Competed in Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon 2019, Making a Record High in Its History


Morocco Champion Broke the Record at 01:12:55


At 08:00 a.m. on November 10, Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon 2019 (hereinafter referred to as “the Event”) was kicked off on Nanbin Road, Chongqing. 12,000 runners from 17 countries and regions including China, Ukraine, Japan, Morocco, Kenya, etc. competed in the race, making a new record of women’s road race in the Chinese mainland. It is expected to become China’s first women’s marathon with IAAF Road Race Bronze Label.


Since first held in 2015, the Event has received recognition and favor from many runners. The number of runners started to take the leading position among events of the same kind in China since 2017. Many marathon races are held after October, when the weather becomes cooler. The Event, now a gold-label race of the Chinese Athletics Association, has become one most aspired by women runners. It has flat race tracks and proper weather, thus becoming an ideal race for experienced runners; it equips all runners with timing chips, providing the best sense of protocol for new runners. Besides, it also attracts many runners beyond Chongqing who come to the city for the race and for touring the most favorite tourism destination.


 [01:12:55, a new record in the Event!]


The race today was in unprecedented fierce competition. In the first half hour, Darya Mkhhaylva from Ukraine, Rkia EI Moukim from Morocco and Jelagat Lilian from Kenya took turns to lead the race, with the Japanese runner Hisae Yoshimatsu taking the fifth place.

After the 30th minute, the top three runners completed the first 10km with less than three-second gaps. After that, they tried to enlarge the gap by taking the tactics of Fartlek.

The Morocco runner whose bib number is A04 got the upper hand in the Fartlek phase. At the 45th minute, the two runners behind her could not be seen in her live broadcast screen. And she maintained her far-leading position in the last 10km. In the end, the Morocco runner got the championship in the Event at a record-breaking result of 01:12:55, shortening the Event record by nearly seven minutes (from 1:19:21 created by He Mingxue two years ago), and carving her name proudly in the history of the Event.

After winning the championship, Rkia EI Moukim said excitedly, “When I first came to Chongqing, it was really amazing to run along the river. In this visit to Chongqing, I am here not just for the race. I also hope to enjoy better scenery in the city and taste the spicy hot pot food. More importantly, I hope to win the championship and become pride and example of my two-year-old daughter. In the future life, my kids can work hard to realize their dreams and ambitions and make a better life. I also hope that one day in the future, I can bring my kids back to Chongqing”.

The Ukraine runner Darya Mkhhaylva and Kenya runner Rkia EI Moukim took the second and third place at 01:13:58 and 01:14:30.

The top three runners for 10km Run also experienced fierce competition. In the beginning, Jia Yaya, Peng Siyu and Zeng Ying led the race with only one-minute gap among them. In the end, Jia Yaya reached the finish line at first at 40:35, followed by Peng Siyu and Zeng Ying at 41:48 and 41:53.

For the first time, the Event in 2019 set the China Speed Award. Famous Chinese women runners Jin Mingming, Gong Lihua and other excellent ones in China competed in the race. However, Jin Mingming withdrew because of injury and Gong Lihua performed worse than usual. In the end, Liu Junhui won the first place in China Speed Award at 01:23:57, followed by Gu Jinjin and Ye Hui at 01:27:34 and 01:27:50.


 [World Champion took the lead & Completion Necklace came back]

Today, Zhang Yawen, the World Badminton Champion showed up in the Event as the Champion Partner. She, together with eight Most Beautiful Partners, were seen in the inauguration ceremony, “giving five” to runners to cheer for them. In the form of running, they conveyed the attitude towards beautiful and healthy life. The ceremony became a meeting with sport stars.

Even more, the Event this year highlighted the sense of fashion. The Completion Necklace came back. Half Marathon and 10km Run runners, after completing the race, would not receive the medal as usual. Instead, they would receive a exquisitely-made pure silver Completion Necklace. At the same time, the Organizing Committee has enhanced collaboration with fashion community, providing Completion Jersey in two designs for runners, which made debut in Chongqing International Fashion Week. It is the first case in China to reveal the marathon jersey in the fashion event. Runners provide unanimous praise for the jersey. A Ms. Yang from Chengdu said, “I come to run in the Event in Chongqing just for the jersey. In the beginning, I was hesitating whether to come here or not. However, after seeing the jersey, I made the decision and came to Chongqing. The jersey this year is very fashionable and superior, suitable for multiple casual clothing. It is really amazing.”


 [AI technology ensures diverse service]

    To provide more considerate service to runners, the abundant online apps are available this year. Runners simple need to provide their bib numbers to gain easy access to such information as the tracks, venue of kit bags, toilet and supply points, etc.

The Organizing Committee, together with QQ Sports, provided Half Marathon runners with the black technology of using AI human face to get the race video. After 22:00 p.m. on the race day, Half Marathon runners are able to obtain their exclusive video clips (only available for Half Marathon runners) on the public account qieTV of QQ Sports. As a result, they can keep their own video clip in the Event.

The Organizing Committee continued to live broadcast the entire Event on a few platforms including QQ Sports, MIGU RUN, CQNEWS, CCN and others. For the first time, it opened the audio live broadcasting in Qingting FM, so that family members and friends of runners can keep abreast of the race and cheer for the runners.


 [Run in Vancouver and Nagoya]

This year, the Organizing Committee continued to select excellent runners to experience the famous overseas marathon events. All runners in Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon 2019 can participate in the official activity to win the opportunity of going to Vancouver Sun Run in Canada and Nagoya Women’s Marathon in Japan.

Beauty never ends though the Event concludes. To meet women’s multiple demands for the Event, the Organizing Committee this year has developed many derivatives such as thermos cup, sweater, pillow and socks, etc. Runners can purchase them on the site or on the WeChat public account of the Event.