Apply now to run on November 10 in Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon 2019!


Apply now to run on November 10 in Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon 2019!


At 3 pm on July 31, the SHERO Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon 2019 (CIWHM) press conference was held in Xiexin Starlight Square, Nanping. The Organizing Committee announced the race will be started at 8:00 on November 10 on Nanbin Road. Since 15:00 on July 31, runners can log onto the official website of the race ( or search for SHERO Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon public account in WeChat to complete the application.

The race is hosted by the Chinese Athletics Association, Administration of Sport of Chongqing and People’s Government of Chongqing Nan’an District. It is organized by Chongqing Daily News Group, CQNEWS, Chongqing LETV Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Athletics Association.


[Endeavor to become China’s first IAAF-recognized women’s marathon race]

As the most popular international women’s marathon in China, CIWHM has been successfully held for four sessions since 2015. As the CAA gold-label event, CIWHM has been the largest and highest-level women’s marathon race for three consecutive years in the Chinese mainland. After gaining CAA gold-label certification, the Organizing Committee has expressed determination that it would endeavor to follow the bronze-label standard of IAAF and become China’s first women’s marathon recognized by IAAF.

This year, 12,000 runners will compete in it, including 3,500 runners for Half Marathon, 2,500 runners for 10km Run, 3,000 runners for Mini Run and 1,500 teams for Family Run. Later-comers will be rejected if the registration ceiling is reached.

In terms of application fees, the application fee for Half Marathon is RMB 168/person with three-hour closing time; RMB 98/person for 10km Run with 1.5 hours closing time; RMB 70/person for Mini Run and RMB 140/team for Family Run with one hour closing time. To encourage more students to run in the marathon for the sake of health and strong body, the Organizing Committee will offer application fee discounts for full-time high school, junior college and undergraduate students aged between 16 and 23in Half Marathon and 10km Run. RMB 30 and RMB 15/person will be exempted for Half Marathon and 10km Marathon runners respectively.

While promoting marathon for all, the Organizing Committee continues to set the Record Breaking Award to improve race result. At the same time, it sets the Chinese Runner Award for Half Marathon so as to encourage Chinese runners to make better results while securing their sports health.


[Continue the Partner Program; world champions help promote the Events]

This year, the Organizing Committee will continue the Most Beautiful Partner Program, and champions in other sports will help promote the Events. Eight elite women are invited as the Most Beautiful Partners, who are pilots, elite workplace women, KOL runners, entrepreneurs, and fashion models, etc. In this way, more women will be encouraged to take the sports and healthy life. In the form of running, they convey beautiful and healthy attitudes towards life and interpret the SHERO spirit of female runners.

It is worth mentioning that the badminton world champion Zhang Yawen is the first champion partner of Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon to lead the running. As an athlete born in Chongqing, Zhang Yawen has won many medals in domestic and international races. She said, “It is of great significance to help promote the race for my hometown. Hope I can encourage more girls to run in the beautiful city of Chongqing”.


[It is more than a marathon]

This year, the Organizing Committee invites the famous domestic designer Huang Huang to become the Creativity Partner for the event. While optimizing the event design philosophy and conveying life aesthetics, she will provide Exquisite Life Training Camp for runners while providing the Cooperative Shop, Flower Art and Healthy Food for the women’s marathon in Chongqing.

Marathon is not the sole purpose of your visit to Chongqing. The Organizing Committee customizes for runners from other regions the travel + marathon package service so that they can both visit popular destinations in Chongqing and run in the marathon. Even more, this year, the Organizing Committee will continue to select runners to visit Canada, Japan or other countries to experience the first-class marathon races in other countries.

And the Organizing Committee of Chongqing International Women's Half Marathon will continue to collaborate with Chongqing International Fashion Week so that runners appreciate the fashion show on the site.


[1 option out of 2 race clothing; give completion necklace to runners in Half Marathon and 10km Run]

The Organizing Committee of Chongqing International Women’s Half Marathon this year will upgrade the runner service so that they can have better experience in it.

For the first time, the Organizing Committee will provide T-shirts or sports vests for women runners to choose from. In addition, runners in the Half Marathon and 10km Run can still get the completion necklace as souvenirs. Runners in Half Marathon will also receive the completion towel.

In addition, the Organizing Committee this year will also decorate the Congratulations Flower Avenue and launch the Loyal Runners VIP Program for those who competed in all the previous four sessions. On the day of the event, larger space in the runner rally area will have video and audio coverage; audio live broadcast will be added to create better sense of participation in the event. In addition, many training camp activities and pre-event and post-event activities will be held in the entire service system.

2019 marks the fifth year of Chongqing International Women's Half Marathon. “Give Me 5 and Endless Beauty” is the slogan of the race. The Organizing Committee welcomes runners to Chongqing on November 10, 2019.